Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance our client’s technological capabilities providing access to industry leading programmatic solutions


Our platform is built on maths that thinks like a human, able to absorb diverse data sources to predict, model and save hours of manual optimisation time.

Media Planning

Our media planning tool indexes the internet against your target audience to find where they spend their time online.
Build a sizeable, brand-safe whitelist that is proven by data to be more likely to engage with your desired audience – let the data guide you to new approaches to generate campaign success.


Viewability isn't just a campaign KPI for us, We want to understand which ads are viewed and how they influence user behaviour.
Our platform is the only DSP in market to have proprietary viewability tech in place to allow us to measure viewability, target and attribute, offering 'in the moment viewability'.

View Duration

A market first - Our View-Duration Suite recognises that time really is money and that marketers need to be able to optimize their media to consumer attention in order to convert advertising moments into real business revenue.

Meet The Team

Algorithms will only get you so far, it's the people that drive the passion.
Emma Collins

Emma Collins

Managing Partner
Jen Price

Jen Price

Head of Operations
Dale Sibley

Dale Sibley

Product Communications
Chloe Winslet

Chloe Winslet

Digital Media Assistant


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